Event & Campaign Producer

Baltic Collective is a platform for us to bring never before seen designers and artists from the Baltic countries to communities around the world. We search and dig to find the best hidden gems of the Baltic states and bring them to people with a unique perspective. We know it’s hard for designers to compete with big brands, but we also know that these artists bring something special. We see them as not just designers but creators and artists, we want to empower them as innovators in their field and help them thrive in various markets.

The brands we work with:
We work with designers and artists that create for the sake of love. They come from small countries with big hearts and make art that appeals to the independent and curious.

What we do:
We feature designers and share their stories. We not only show you their work but share their journeys and what inspires them. Our visitor lives a lifestyle of freedom and exploration. They want to reach the unreachable, travel the unknown lands and be different from the pack. They do not have barriers for their passion of arts and fashion - they crave the unique.